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Question of the Week

So I’ve joined an email group called Question of the Week about Homeschooling and Family, which as you can possibly divine from the name is about the posing of a question which needs to be answered. So I thought I’d post my responses on here. This week’s question is: What happens if you have bought […]

Stomping through the Jungle

Apparently, that’s what we did today. After a rather frustrating morning, Sam and I went off to get away from it all for a few hours and I drove us to Pryce’s Rahui (Reserve) which is managed by Forest & Bird. Either the grass has been growing super quick or I suspect we were the […]

Taking a night off

Been feeling low today and not much has helped – killing an evening playing Lord of the Rings online helped me forget for a while but having quit for the night (see me practising moderation! :) I’m back to feeling low. So I’m taking a night off from blogging whilst still trying to achieve my […]

Battle of the Birds

New Zealand Forest & Bird launched their annual Bird of the Year competition during the recent 2010 Conservation Week. The Forest & Bird blog has been publishing messages from each competing bird’s campaign manager and there are some interesting tidbits of information like; did you know the Grey Warbler is the weight of two 20c […]

Kinda Daily Links for 10th and 11th April 2010

Playing catch up at the moment hence the out of whack dates :) Home Education The first link is entitled When Rote Learning Makes Sense and I came across this blogpost via Why Homeschool and the part of the article they included in their blogpost really resonated with me as well. I can remember clearly […]

Daily Links for 23rd March 2010

Crafty Stuff These bunny finger puppets (via are cute and the instructions are clear and make it look like quite a simple project, even going to suggest a set of them can be knocked out in an evening. The materials look like they shouldn’t be hard to find at our closest Spotlight – though […]

Daily Links for 22nd March 2010

Well, this is actually favourite links from my rss reader for the last two days :) Homeschool Stuff Sam likes to jump around while counting so the idea of making a lifesize number line to practise addition and subtraction is sure to appeal to her. I’m not a big fan of Easter as it seems […]

Making a Geoboard

What is a Geoboard? Well, to paraphrase the Wikipedia entry, A Geoboard is a tool often used to explore basic concepts in geometry such as perimeter, area or the characteristics of triangles and other shapes. It’s generally a board with nails partly driven in, and students are encouraged to place rubber bands around the nails […]

Trying something different

I’ve been trying to do this kind of post “for quite some time now” (sorry, The Matrix is playing in the next room) and try and move away from my content-thin blogposts of late (and early). So without further ado, I bring you my rss feed picks for today! Craft These Goodie Bags look quite […]

2009 – Year of …

I decided to see how many themes for 2009 I could find as I tend to hear about them midway through the year – when all the cool events have passed. I think the most exciting one is: The International Year of Astronomy which encompasses a whole bunch of anniversarys including a celebration of Galileo […]