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Easter Egg Stitching Activity

I saw this easter themed embroidery on Craftzine today, and since Sam is currently a little obsessed with the movie Springtime with Roo (to the point, she’s initiated bouts of Spring Cleaning – not that I’m complaining) and she has enjoyed the small amounts of handsewing we’ve done together, I thought she might be interesting […]

Biscuit Cutters

It’s been another long day and I’ve spent the last two hours trying to relax by watching TV and almost relaxed too much and missed the deadline. I visited Rosebowl Bakery & Cafe today and if you’re relatively local to Feilding they have an awesome range of cookie cutters (and heaps of cake decorating supplies!). […]

Interesting Links for September 21st

Craft I know I could manage this kind of craft project easily and I know my girly-girl would love the results from this Scrunch Fabric Flower Pom Pom Headband Tutorial. So, I grabbed some supplies for this project and a few others this past weekend and now, all I need to do is track down […]

Daily Links for 9th April 2010

Craft Daisy Yellow has a link to instructions on how to do paper weaving with kids (via CraftyCrow). I remember doing this when I was a kid and it was more basic than these instructions. Then again with the plethora of coloured/textured/printed papers and other materials available as a result of the rise of scrapbooking […]

Daily Links for 24th March 2010

This’ll be a quick one as I need to hit the hay. I attempted the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge at ProBlogger last year but never got further than Day 3. However, from all reports it’s a useful exercise that results in, well, results. I’m keen to complete it at some point […]

Daily Links for 23rd March 2010

Crafty Stuff These bunny finger puppets (via are cute and the instructions are clear and make it look like quite a simple project, even going to suggest a set of them can be knocked out in an evening. The materials look like they shouldn’t be hard to find at our closest Spotlight – though […]

Daily Links for 22nd March 2010

Well, this is actually favourite links from my rss reader for the last two days :) Homeschool Stuff Sam likes to jump around while counting so the idea of making a lifesize number line to practise addition and subtraction is sure to appeal to her. I’m not a big fan of Easter as it seems […]

Making a Geoboard

What is a Geoboard? Well, to paraphrase the Wikipedia entry, A Geoboard is a tool often used to explore basic concepts in geometry such as perimeter, area or the characteristics of triangles and other shapes. It’s generally a board with nails partly driven in, and students are encouraged to place rubber bands around the nails […]

Trying something different

I’ve been trying to do this kind of post “for quite some time now” (sorry, The Matrix is playing in the next room) and try and move away from my content-thin blogposts of late (and early). So without further ado, I bring you my rss feed picks for today! Craft These Goodie Bags look quite […]

Research on Journalling

I wanted to do make my Mum a Memory Book for Christmas so I scoured the net for inspiration on how to start and found: Make a Memory Book for Mum But in the end, I didn’t want to take the chance of making her a book that she wouldn’t enjoy so I just made […]