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Oops … almost missed out

I’m going to cheat a little. I got my camera out and with the last light of day, and a minimal amount of battery I managed to take a few shots. I’m just about to upload a couple to show I did manage to get some taken but I don’t think they’ll be up before […]

Muddling through

I kinda started this NaBloPoMo on a whim, and by Day 3 it’s fairly obvious to me that I’m rather out of touch with how I used to organise and prepare my posts. Blogging in generally isn’t like journalling, where for me I just leap onto my computer and knock out my thoughts. Blogging in […]

Three Links

Today I’m going to quickly share three sites I find useful or like: The first is Rainy Cafe. It’s a great option when you need some ambient noise to listen to while getting some work done and I can testify that it blocks out the noise of an idling wide bore exhaust! The second is […]

I’m Ba-ack!

It’s been a long time and there’s a reason for that. A lot has happened – the main happenings being that I’ve moved to suburbia in the “city” and I’m now the sole adult in the house. Things are going great and it’s been an interesting and rewarding adventure. I’ve been wanting to get back […]

Snow in Marton

Random Stuff for the last few days

The title pretty much explains this blogpost; a selection of random links I’ve viewed in the past few days. This is a really beautiful animation of Auckland’s Public Transport Network operating over a day, created by Chris McDowall (I’ve linked to his Vimeo profile because he’s done other great data visualisations!). If you’re interested in […]

Welcome to the Members of the Homeschooling Bloggers Haven

Hi all! Thanks for dropping by! As you can see there’s precious little about our homeschooling endeavours at the moment and I haven’t even put up an update blogpost updating our recent forays into budgeting and meal-planning! Please do leave a comment and say Hi! I love to converse with people and especially love answering […]

Our own mini-financial crisis

We’re going through a change in circumstances and so we’ve been busy brainstorming ways to reduce our expenses. So I thought I’d share a run down of most of them with you. Investigate and make a decision on what to do with my credit card and store card The store card is a no-brainer really, […]

Raffle Tickets

These took an age to make but I am so very impressed with myself over the result. And luckily, if I ever want to setup raffle tickets in the future it won’t as time consuming. Because I use Ubuntu, I wanted to use the tools I had on hand. I used Inkscape to do the […]

It’s Almost Eeeeeaster

Daughter is really getting into the whole Easter thing this year though I discovered it has snuck up on me this year. I suspect it has something to do with my considering the 25th to be sacred due to ANZAC Day, since I don’t have the same attachment to Easter. So I was going through […]