Three Links

Today I’m going to quickly share three sites I find useful or like:

The first is Rainy Cafe. It’s a great option when you need some ambient noise to listen to while getting some work done and I can testify that it blocks out the noise of an idling wide bore exhaust!

The second is Copy Youtube Playlists which does exactly what the title suggests. You paste the link to a youtube playlist you like and it’ll save it to a playlist in your own account. Great for using when you’d otherwise be trawling through youtube to get to the playlist or if you’re using youtube on a device or, the how I mainly utilise it, an app on my tv.

And finally, a guilty pleasure, and one which I’ll admit I’m not particularly skilled at, Entanglement. This is a game that I’m really struggling to describe but the aim is to place tiles to make the longest path you can whilst also being able to place as many tiles as you can before that path leads off the edge off the board or into the centre tile.

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