I’m Ba-ack!

It’s been a long time and there’s a reason for that. A lot has happened – the main happenings being that I’ve moved to suburbia in the “city” and I’m now the sole adult in the house. Things are going great and it’s been an interesting and rewarding adventure.

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for some time and I finally realised that there was never going to be a great time to get back into it – and even when I was “into it” I was a fairly spotty blogger.

One of the things I’ve missed by not blogging is that photography became something I do on my phone and mainly to capture either information or daughter-related moments. I’m not particularly happy with the quality I’m producing using the phone – which I know is more about my technique than the tools I’m using – and I’d like to become more comfortable working with my actual camera again.

Also, I haven’t found a tool that I’m loving for capturing interesting articles, videos and images. I know many people use Pinterest for this and while I use it, it’s not the right tool for me for this. I also use Evernote for both notes (and I’m currently doing my daily, weekly, and monthly reviews in it too) and for capturing information for mainly work. So I’d like to see whether blogging is what will work for me.

So at the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to do 750words.com for a month, which is about journalling more than 750 words daily. I achieved this and made an attempt at achieving it again in February but found that it was more stressful than I was comfortable with. So I switched to using Evernote and concentrated on recapping and planning each day using a Daily Review format which is still evolving.
So I now know I can commit to something for 30 days if I want to, and seeing as it’s the 1st August I am committing to having a go at blogging. I’m signing up for the August NaBloPoMo which is now run by Blogher.com. The aim of NaBloPoMo is simply to blog daily for a month. There’s a theme set each month and prompts provided to assist with sticking to it, though there is no requirement to follow the theme.

Hopefully, this will be a rewarding experience and something that I will want to continue doing.

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