Welcome to the Members of the Homeschooling Bloggers Haven

Hi all!

Thanks for dropping by!

As you can see there’s precious little about our homeschooling endeavours at the moment and I haven’t even put up an update blogpost updating our recent forays into budgeting and meal-planning!

Please do leave a comment and say Hi! I love to converse with people and especially love answering questions and queries and of course I also make the effort to visit your website and return the favour.

Have fun having a poke around and hopefully you will find something of interest :)

2 Responses to “Welcome to the Members of the Homeschooling Bloggers Haven”

  1. Maureen Sklaroff Says:

    Hi! Stopping by from Homeschool Bloggers Haven! It’s always great to find new homeschool blogs!

  2. Strudel Says:

    Hi Maureen!

    Thanks for dropping by :)

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