Easter Egg Stitching Activity

I saw this easter themed embroidery on Craftzine today, and since Sam is currently a little obsessed with the movie Springtime with Roo (to the point, she’s initiated bouts of Spring Cleaning – not that I’m complaining) and she has enjoyed the small amounts of handsewing we’ve done together, I thought she might be interesting in having a go at stitching the decorations on a outline of an egg on cloth.
So I had a quick google images search and came up with this picture from Family Stitchery on Artfire as an example of the idea I had. I’m certain our results would be rather more err “freestyle” looking. :)

3 Responses to “Easter Egg Stitching Activity”

  1. Family Stitchery Says:

    Google sent me to your post also. A easy way to duplicate the design is to take a iron on picture and choose a cloth that you like. Iron on the picture and then use embroidery floss to outline the design. Have fun making yours.

  2. Strudel Says:

    Thank you for the tips :)

  3. Christie Says:

    So cute! They’re going on my To Craft list!

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