Sneaking in a blogpost before the end of day.
Us Southern Hemisphereians are seriously underrepresented online. Everything seems to be about Spring Cleaning, New Growth and don’t even get me started about the whole Easter fiasco.
My newsfeed always seems to be 6 months out of whack; I’ve got my heater out and looking regretfully at the summery dresses I didn’t wear nearly enough this season. The garden is winding down for the growing season and soon the only thing growing will be our backyard lawn (since the incoming wet months mean mowing is a sure-fire recipe for mud-mud-mud)

So here is me, Grinching off for now – but don’t you worry, I’ll be shaking my fists at the internet again in six months when you’ll be complaining about the shortening days, impending snow and generally chilliness and I’ll be down here looking at new growth and looking forward to sunshine and warm days.

(This blogette-post brought to you by tongue-in-cheek)

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