Daily Links for 9th April 2010


  • Daisy Yellow has a link to instructions on how to do paper weaving with kids (via CraftyCrow). I remember doing this when I was a kid and it was more basic than these instructions. Then again with the plethora of coloured/textured/printed papers and other materials available as a result of the rise of scrapbooking I guess it’s not quite as surprising that the instructions are more involved and you have to admit the results speak for themselves. I’m keen to see what effects we can come up with.
  • This is a lovely idea to make dinnertimes a little more special. This short blogpost at The Wonder Years talks about how they created candleholders and that each child has their own candle at dinnertime that they get to blow out at the end of the meal.
  • Miscellaneous

  • I really enjoyed reading that an anthropologist in South Africa used Google Earth to map known caves and found fossils and then using the satellite maps found more possible cave locations and as a result uncovered 500 more caves to investigate from which he has so far found two partial australopithecus sediba skeletons. I bet they’re glad they went to the initial effort of entering in all their existing sites! (more info on the skeleton find at the BBC)
  • Zen Family Habits has a post entitled Is Today the day You Start Over? and everytime I’ve flicked to it it’s given me the warm fuzzies (awww!) so felt it needed to be shared.
  • Okay that’s all I have to share for this post. :)

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