Daily Links for 22nd March 2010

Well, this is actually favourite links from my rss reader for the last two days :)

Homeschool Stuff

  • Sam likes to jump around while counting so the idea of making a lifesize number line to practise addition and subtraction is sure to appeal to her.
  • I’m not a big fan of Easter as it seems a bit incongruous celebrating it in autumn, but at the same time it feels wrong to completely deny our daughter the chance to enjoy the holiday. So, activities like growing grass in eggshells (via craftycrow) seems like an interesting way to acknowledge the holiday of easter.
  • I’m not sure how close Sam is to being ready for this easter themed cvc reading activity, but it’s one idea for the pile of plastic eggs I picked up for a couple of dollars last year.
  • These Salt Crystal Trees look like a lot of fun to watch grow and I’m guessing with a bit of experimenting you could get a brilliant effect.
  • Misc

  • Trying to reduce our grocery bill by baking more is all well and good – but finding things to bake that are savoury isn’t easy. Luckily, Lifehacker highlighted this site which has a number of savoury recipes to try.
  • I came across this origami site a while ago but it got lost in my bookmarks, so Lifehacker again is to thank for this link. It’s a brilliant site to remind yourself how to fold the traditional origami designs and has a few I haven’t come across before as well.
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