Daily Links for 24th March 2010

This’ll be a quick one as I need to hit the hay.

  • I attempted the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge at ProBlogger last year but never got further than Day 3. However, from all reports it’s a useful exercise that results in, well, results. I’m keen to complete it at some point and this guest post on ProBlogger has some useful tips for maximising the potential of some of the day’s tasks.
  • Keeping on the topic of blogging, Daily Blog Tips has an article on 10 Things Your Blog Doesn’t Need. From the obvious choices of animated gifs and auto-starting music, to the thought-provoking comment verification, there’s definitely a couple of entries I need to have a look into.
  • I love the crispness and simplicity of the designs on these dyed eggs (via The Crafty Crow), the instructions are nice and detailed and I can see me cheating and trying to use stickers instead since we don’t have a wide range of decorative punches in the house.
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