Stomping through the Jungle

Apparently, that’s what we did today. After a rather frustrating morning, Sam and I went off to get away from it all for a few hours and I drove us to Pryce’s Rahui (Reserve) which is managed by Forest & Bird.
Either the grass has been growing super quick or I suspect we were the first visitors there in at least a week as the main gate required effort to open and close it against the grass and the 10 second drive to the picnic area reminded me of trying to do the lawns when the grass is taller than the lawnmower. The ground on the track was still a little muddy in places but was solid enough that Sam’s dainty weight didn’t make much of a dint in it and I was able to manoeuvre around it with little effort.
There are three tracks all linked to each other. The blue track is the shortest one I feel and we didn’t go on that one today. The red is meant to be the same length as the blue (20 minutes each) and follows for the most part the same track as the yellow which is the longest at apparently 1 hour long. I can’t tell you the times we did because we did the red and yellow tracks in a rather unconventional sequence. One day we’ll do it normally I guess.
We hung/hanged out in the picnic area for a good hour either side of the walk and so had a chance to get the full benefit of the local bird life. I saw a pair of Eastern Rosellas, heard and saw in the distance the squawking of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, the almost baaing sound of Paradise Ducks overhead, saw Kereru doing acrobatics (flying up at a steep-ish angle and then “stalling” causing them to swoop waaay down low) and oh how I love the sound of them thumping along overhead, Tui’s skipping through the air (as a friend recently described it, which makes me smile), the call of the Shining Cuckoo, the cheerful flitting and squeaking of the Fantail, Seagulls (sorry no better description) flying in to check out the nearby newly tilled/ploughed paddocks, Yellow Hammers singing away (I can’t think of a good way of describing their call), the friendly sound (to me anyway) of the Kingfisher, and I know I have missed some birds off the list (like the Magpie – grrr I don’t like those birds, and the Thrush nesting at head-height right by the track and who I startled as much as they startled me.
Sorry no pictures this time. I decided to enjoy where I was firsthand for a change :)

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