I’m too chicken to write about most of the stuff that’s going through my brain at the moment. I haven’t made much progress on the NaNoWriMo front either yet – but my plan is to knock this blogpost out of the pack and then hunker down with some music blasting in my ears and churn out some pages. On the upside, I’ve got my characters talking now!

By the way, if you’re looking for “normal” character names I’ve found Seventh Sanctum to be helpful. The site has a whole bunch of different generators and you can kill quite a bit of time checking them all out (ask me how I know).

Something else I thought I’d mention is a Firefox add-on called LeechBlock. This is a really useful and powerful tool for people who procrastinate by killing time on the web. Let’s say you have discovered another webcomic recently and you have a compulsion to start from the very first strip all the way to the current one so you don’t miss out on any of the in-jokes and understand the back story. With LeechBlock installed you can restrict your access to the site to only a certain number of hours on certain days. One of my friends has done the opposite and restricted her web access so that she can only visit a number of websites that are related to her work activities. Obviously there are ways to circumvent the restrictions you’re putting in place but – the very act of circumventing can help you get back on track by realising the level you have stooped to to procrastinate. In which case, you should ask yourself – If I want to procrastinate so badly, I should really be cleaning the toilet/fridge/oven/freezer/(insert your worst chore ever) instead. At least that way you can say you did something productive – just not what you should have been doing.

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