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Project 365 – Day 31

We went out to the cove near Snapper Rock (near Wainui Beach) with some friends today with the idea of doing some fishing while the kids played in the sand. Unfortunately, our friends hadn’t been there on an incoming tide before and we discovered even near a new moon the cove pretty much disappears. So […]

Project 365 – Day 9

Last minute post as I forgot again (visitors all afternoon/evening), tried out some of the custom settings and may have to try them with a tripod pointing at the sky. It’s not quite that bright out there but they replaced the streetlight bulb and trimmed the trees a year ago and now we need blockout […]

Project 365 – Day 8

Forgot I hadn’t taken any photos today – just some video footage which isn’t too exciting (from my perspective anyhow – might be fun to see what I can manage in the editting arena though). So this is a bit of a filler photo I took of the “new” cellphone (ie wouldn’t know I’d got […]

Project 365 – Day 7

Project 365 – Day 6

I have another shot that wasn’t composed too well but showed all the eyes and the orange blaze. Just like birds – the male has more distinctive colouring than the female.

Project 365 – Day 5

I decided today that Monarch Butterflies are the most fussy insects I’ve ever met. This one wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get more than a couple of fleeting shots. No part of the swan plants we have growing was good enough for her to lay any eggs. On the upside, I loved […]

Craft Project for those with little time and little skill

I spend a certain percentage of my time drooling over err, reading through craft blogs and thinking “ooh my daughter would love it if I made this”. Most of these projects are absolutely gorgeous with beautiful fabrics or patterned paper, tasteful embellishments and highly skilled craftmanship and finishing (and no doubt I will link to […]

Project 365 – Day 4

Project 365 – Day 3

Bit low on inspiration today and this was my best photo of the day.

2009 – Year of …

I decided to see how many themes for 2009 I could find as I tend to hear about them midway through the year – when all the cool events have passed. I think the most exciting one is: The International Year of Astronomy which encompasses a whole bunch of anniversarys including a celebration of Galileo […]