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Game Over

Sadly, due to a sudden viral attack which involved a trip to an emergency doctor and the ensuing fatigue and sleep, I’m out of the running having missed both Saturday’s and Sunday’s posts. Nevertheless, I’m going to press on and keep posting – later.

Really Exciting Here

Sooo … exciting stuff here. It’s Friday night and I’m watching an episode of Bones while chipping away at an overflowing Intray. Got up early this morning and had a productive few hours. The weekend is looking rather busy to someone with limited energy at the moment, and I know I’m unlikely to get some […]

Quick Post Tonight

Been out all afternoon/evening in Palmy doing errands and had a big sleep in beforehand so don’t have much to say really. The out of the blue heavy bursts of rain continue to occur – I think most people are thoroughly sick of the rain, wind and cold weather (snow in November!) and can we […]

Post-US Election

The internet is abuzz with chatter over the US Election and Obama winning. I thoroughly enjoyed both presidential candidates post-election speeches, and think supporters of both parties should be proud of their respective candidates. Many people said they were in tears over Obama winning or over his speech, but for me the tear-jerking moment was […]

Political Musings/Ramblings/What you will

Definitely need to start these blogposts earlier in the day! The good news is I’m on the mend! :) Today has flown past for the most part – I suspect this has a lot to do with the ‘flu. I don’t remember being so hungry when I’ve had the ‘flu before! I’ve resolved not to […]

Almost Forgot

I have the ‘flu. Fun! Especially when you spend most of the day not realising you have stuff you can take to ease the symptoms! Double Fun! Speaking of fun, check this out – Speeding Ticket

Chairs, Planners, and Rivers! Oh My!

Hi all, Due to the late hour, the up and down day I’ve had, grumpy daughter, charming bout of hayfever (my nose feels like it could explode) and the distinct possibility I’m getting whatever illness my daughter has, welcome to the cliffnotes for today: I’ve lost my pen 3 times today – which is really […]

Dawning of a New Month

Hi there, November brings in the beginning of the 10th NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which is an event celebrated by the feverish pounding of keys around the world. From a naming perspective, the opposite of the World Series I guess. Don’t worry though, whilst doing NaNoWriMo is on my 101in1001 list, I haven’t given […]