Post-US Election

The internet is abuzz with chatter over the US Election and Obama winning. I thoroughly enjoyed both presidential candidates post-election speeches, and think supporters of both parties should be proud of their respective candidates. Many people said they were in tears over Obama winning or over his speech, but for me the tear-jerking moment was the talk of how people congregated in the streets to celebrate, and the joyous feel that surrounded that happening. It’ll be interesting to see what Obama does in his new role – and ditto for his wife.
I guess I need to learn a bit about the way elections are run in the United States as it took me a while to get how Obama had won by a landslide when the popular vote looked so close.
I clearly didn’t find a decent TV feed to watch as they all seemed rather dry and boring, so I followed the election via Twitter and a couple of sites that had interactive maps. I listened/watched the Bryan Park video feed and I don’t know whether it was the feed itself but the quality and stop/start of the video (despite sound being find) rather frustrating. I also couldn’t work out what the hell weird dress Michelle Obama was wearing – due to the quality, the dress really chopped her body in half – and rather strangely at that. Anyhow – I got to hear everything which is the main bit and I liked what I heard (well, wasn’t overly keen on all the what I guess were campaign associated songs?
Best of Luck to the US – hope the new guy does a better job. :)

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