Chairs, Planners, and Rivers! Oh My!

Hi all,

Due to the late hour, the up and down day I’ve had, grumpy daughter, charming bout of hayfever (my nose feels like it could explode) and the distinct possibility I’m getting whatever illness my daughter has, welcome to the cliffnotes for today:

  • I’ve lost my pen 3 times today – which is really dreadful considering I *always* have one on hand.
  • Been playing with the 2009 planner supplies which arrived last week and most of yesterday involved perving at what other’s have done with their planners and looking at what’s been updated/changed in the DIY Planner world. Also checking out all the expensive planners to see what they have (or more accurately, haven’t) added to their repertoire.
  • My attempts to find a short-term replacement for my office chair (on which I sit for a substantial portion of my day given a change) have been fun but unsuccessful. Yesterday I pushed, bumped and banged one of the lounge suite seats in front of my desk. It was great in that I could snuggle with my ill daughter all day comfortably, Tigger (the cat) loved the added comfort in inarguably the best room in the house when the fire is off, and I could mouse of the arm of the sofa with a keyboard on my lap (child and/or cat willing of course). The downsides were that I was sitting quite a lot lower than normal and as a result my lovely large desk became something you stored things on rather than a workspace, climbing over the back of the chair to get in and out of it was cumbersome (and as a result found myself going to do something and then thinking “Meh! I’ll do it later”), cumbersome also = charming bruises in my realm, and well, at the risk of getting all Goldilocks on you, it was simply too soft and comfy. I’ve returned to the previous option of the dining table chair for the meantime.
  • We went with some friends on a drive today to check out the River Access in the area and the Rangitikei River has changed a lot since last year. The road we normally take has disappeared rather dramatically into the river and really drove home how alive and changeable rivers, like other parts of nature, can be. I also discovered that while I didn’t do too badly, I need to brush up on my weed identification skills. Thankfully, we have a couple of books that will come in handy for that.

See you tomorrow!

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