Really Exciting Here

Sooo … exciting stuff here. It’s Friday night and I’m watching an episode of Bones while chipping away at an overflowing Intray.

Got up early this morning and had a productive few hours. The weekend is looking rather busy to someone with limited energy at the moment, and I know I’m unlikely to get some of the things I was looking forward to do this past week done. I’ve been clearing my schedule to work on some personal stuff and my darling husband has been busy filling it up again.

You’ll have to excuse my being brief, the cold/’flu thing that I’m over – it’s unleashed a new phase involving my throat and that makes me grumpy.

Okay I’m going back to transcribing a huge stack of my enthralling notes for the past two months.

Quite grumpy at the diary-ness these blogposts are getting. I’m aiming for a content filled Saturday post – so chastise me if I lapse back into a diary one please ;)

Edit: Bones has finished and my intray is empty – I wish the same could be said of my desk!

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