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Daily Photo – Day 30

I ran inside to grab my camera when I saw Tigger on his hind legs drinking from the bird bath – so of course I only got this photo of him pretending it couldn’t possibly have been him I saw.

Daily Photo – Day 29

Daily Photo – Day 28

Daily Photo – Day 25

Daily Photo – Day 24

Adventures in the Kitchen Reprised

Second night doing the cooking thing and tonight I tried another Food in a Minute recipe – Creamy Mushroom Risotto. Though it says “serves 4-6” – I was surprised at how much there actually was. Judging by the portion size shown in the recipe’s photo, I spent the first half hour cooking trying to think […]

Daily Photo – Day 23

Adventures in the Kitchen

Normally, husband makes all the meals but the new plan is for me to contribute in the kitchen more. Tonight was my first attempt and I have some mixed feelings about it. I tried a Food in a Minute recipe since I figured it’d be easy and the ingredients wouldn’t be a challenge. Pumpkin & […]

Daily Photo – Day 22

This is a statue hewn using a chainsaw from one of the gumtrees that line the street I live on. It’s meant to commemorate that horses were exercised down this street when the racetrack was in it’s heyday. It looks a lot like a chess piece when you’re driving past.

Daily Photo – Day 20