Adventures in the Kitchen Reprised

Second night doing the cooking thing and tonight I tried another Food in a Minute recipe – Creamy Mushroom Risotto. Though it says “serves 4-6” – I was surprised at how much there actually was. Judging by the portion size shown in the recipe’s photo, I spent the first half hour cooking trying to think up something to cook to bulk out the meal. Then the saucepan/wok became fuller and I realised how much there was going to be. I substituted long grain rice for the short grain in the recipe, medium white wine for dry white wine, and edam cheese for the parmesan. I also forgot to season with salt and pepper again!
I took an hour and a quarter to prep and cook it – however I think I should have taken longer to cook it since the rice was still a bit undercooked in places. Still it was yummy and it’s been requested to cook again. I’d have to say it’s very economical as well, especially if you don’t mind not having it accompanied with flat brown mushrooms and bacon.


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