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Daily Photo – Day 17

Daily Photo – Day 14

Would someone mind telling me in what order do I make this again? Good thing it’s simply a packet drink and not something important like baby formula.

Daily Photo – Day 12

Red Admiral

Being Summer the garden is a-buzz with insect activity and this year we’ve seen a lot more Monarch Butterflies – this may be due to a recent drive to increase their numbers in our town – it’s certainly nice to see when campaigns pay off. They’re remarkably difficult to capture though as we see them […]

Daily Photo – Day 8

I think these are called Chinese Fishing Lures but whatever they are they’re bright and sparkly and very tangled!

Daily Photo – Day 4

Daily Photo – Day 3

These two are the best of a bad bunch – the photos I thought I’d use turned out to be blurry … something to work on. These were taken in my backyard.

One down – only One Hundred to go

Yesterday I mentioned Brad Issac at Achieve-IT! is running a month-long series on Goal Setting and today we’re on Day Two: Start with a Big List. I found this a bit daunting starting with an empty page and personally could have done with a few starter questions but after a few minutes I wrote down […]

Daily Photo – Day 2

Four photos today since we went to Virginia Lake in Wanganui.

Daily Photo – Day 1

I couldn’t choose between these two – I really like the lobelia as the blue is very ultra-violet-like but I think the apple tree photo below is probably the better of the two.