One down – only One Hundred to go

Yesterday I mentioned Brad Issac at Achieve-IT! is running a month-long series on Goal Setting and today we’re on Day Two: Start with a Big List. I found this a bit daunting starting with an empty page and personally could have done with a few starter questions but after a few minutes I wrote down a goal I was already working on and they just flew onto the page from there. Not nearly as many as the 75-100 he was talking about so I might go back and have another stab at it later.

Also, I got something already knocked off my 101 in 1001 list. I was getting some takeaways in Wanganui today and saw a sign right in front of my face (behind the person serving me) and when they asked me whether that was all they moved slightly and I saw it – Deep Fried Moro Bar! Finally! I have tasted one. Really yummy – not something I’d get more than once a year I’d say due to Moro’s being too sweet for me now … but it was well worth having on the list and I’m really happy I’ve tried it now. :) Now – only 100 tasks to go! :P

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