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Raffle Tickets

These took an age to make but I am so very impressed with myself over the result. And luckily, if I ever want to setup raffle tickets in the future it won’t as time consuming. Because I use Ubuntu, I wanted to use the tools I had on hand. I used Inkscape to do the […]

It’s Almost Eeeeeaster

Daughter is really getting into the whole Easter thing this year though I discovered it has snuck up on me this year. I suspect it has something to do with my considering the 25th to be sacred due to ANZAC Day, since I don’t have the same attachment to Easter. So I was going through […]

Random Open Tabs

I love to have many browser tabs open. My computer … doesn’t; but it copes. I thought I’d randomly (well, relatively randomly) share some of the tabs I have open at the moment. Sheppard Software I haven’t spent a great deal of time exploring the site but I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. There’s […]

Monarch and Red Admiral Friends

This was the best of a batch of terrible photos but I really wanted to have visual evidence of a Monarch Butterfly and a Red Admiral Butterfly sharing the same space. I was at the Bason Botanic Gardens today (which is quite gorgeous and bigger than I thought), and saw a Monarch Butterfly being chased […]


Another dud night from me sorry. But I do have these rather random blogposts I’d like to share with you. Firstly, this brilliantly humorous post from Vaughn Davis entitled 10 Uses for an Unwanted Skyhawk. If there’s any left over, sign me up please. If nothing else, it should be a decent deterrent for all […]

No Blogpost Tonight

(Did you see what I did there)

Where has the Day Gone?

Let’s see: Snuggling in bed under a nice, thick, warm duvet Working on Home Education planning and prep, and the dastardly exemption Straightening the house and thinking I should really get on top of the housework (but not doing much about it) Stacking firewood and listening to husband using the chainsaw and wood splitter Watching […]

Photo of the Week

I was with some members of the Marton Plunket Committee earlier this week selling Raffle Tickets at Marton New World. I had my camera out ready to take some photos of our stall and prizes and someone pointed out to me the giant lampshade in the entrance way and I without thought lifted my camera […]

The Torchlight List

I heard about this book by Professor Jim Flynn while catching up on the latest episode of 60 Minutes where an individual claimed he was the smartest person in New Zealand based on the fact he could get a perfect score on a standardised IQ test. (I’ll leave that particular topic well alone!) So bearing […]

Squishy Circuits

If you’re at all interested in how you can do electronics with your young children, do I have the TED talk for you! ;) For more information you can visit her website, Squishy Circuits. I’m really looking forward to giving this a go later in the year! Edit to add: Just found this in my […]