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Nearly missed it

Oops! Got caught up in putting together a proposal for a family trip to Wellington. I knew the place had a lot of things to do, I just didn’t realise how much. Love in a Mist. Always been fascinated by this flower, and how the soft spiky parts (called bracts apparently) remind me of fractals.


Pretty impressed with myself that I managed to take this photo using the manual settings and it only took 3 photos to get the right settings and start tweaking. :)

Fresh from the Oven

… filling the house with that hot buttery, yeasty smell. Too bad smell-o-vision isn’t a reality.


Still labouring away on 101 in 1001 revamp, 2010 Goals and maybe a little LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online). :P

Goodbye, Hello

I said goodbye to my comfy couch in my office today, and hello to two new items of furniture. Daughter and I made a trip to our closest Warehouse Stationery and grabbed their Student Desk and Chair package. She was quite excited about having her own swivel chair and wanted to be the sole driver […]

Acanthus Flower

This is today’s photo; the tip of an Acanthus Flower, with added cobwebs, viewed through my office window. The leaves of the Acanthus, or Bear’s Britches as it is colloquially known (I’m guessing it’s an English thing), my Classics teacher taught us, was the plant which the leaf is shown on the Corinthian column. The […]

First time caller, Long time listener

Bother! My computer crashed tonight and since all I had left to do was write this post, I opted to try using my phone instead. Unfortunately, I was cutting it close to midnight, as I am wont to do and though I got it written, I didn’t get it saved before my session got trashed […]


Was planning on getting some shots of the night sky. However, clouds and marauding insects knocked that idea on it’s head. Speaking of which, anyone got a great product or remedy for taking the sting out of insect bites?

LCD Matrix

Very tired and have neglected to put the camera to good use today. This is one of the things I’ve been doing this evening. Not bad considering it was well over 2 days worth of podcasts to listen to two days ago. I rather like how the lcd matrix is captured by the camera.

Daily Photo perhaps?

Looks like I’ve been semi-subconsciously been planning to make another attempt at Project 365 which is also item number 72 on my 101 in 1001 list. So here’s today’s photo: The Everlasting Daisy reminds me of staying with my grandmother who grew them and harvest them and mount them on floral wire for craftwork. If […]