Goodbye, Hello

I said goodbye to my comfy couch in my office today, and hello to two new items of furniture. Daughter and I made a trip to our closest Warehouse Stationery and grabbed their Student Desk and Chair package. She was quite excited about having her own swivel chair and wanted to be the sole driver of the hand truck on the way to the car. I love kitset/flatpack furniture

It didn’t take too long to put together and though I was a bit worried, the keyboard tray trundles in and out relatively smoothly. The chair is a bit deep for my daughter but so long as it swivels she’s happy, and so long as she’s sitting at the correct height I’m happy.

The moment she saw it after it was put together, she grabbed some paper and coloured pencils and she was happily engrossed drawing in her new chair at her new desk with a big smile on her face.

Still, I am going to mourn the loss of being able to snuggle up with a book on the couch in the relative peace and quiet of my office. Maybe that will be a motivator for getting the office decluttered some more. :)

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