Podcasts I listen to

I listen to quite a number of podcasts each week. I thought I’d highlight a few that I really enjoy:

  • Quirks and Quarks – A Canadian Radio Broadcast about various science topics each week. Most have some connection to a Canadian but there are topics that are based all over the world and the content is easy to digest. As an extra bonus often the segments are recorded the same week they’re published in mainstream science publications.
  • Grammar Girl – A quick and dirty guide to the intricacies of the english language. Comes out weekly plus the occassional bonus podcast.
  • Friday Night Comedy – A BBC Radio production and a bit of lightheartedness for the week. It seems to alternate between two shows and my favourite is the News Quiz which is easier to follow when you’re not from the UK.
  • FLOSS Weekly – Covering an opensource project each week this is a neat way to either learn some more about something you already use or know about, or to “discover” a project you haven’t explored yet. I like that they’re covering projects that are simply open source rather than restricting it to linux-mainly projects.
  • Mediawatch and many other Radio New Zealand podcasts – well produced and interesting podcasts, including history, current events, science, classical music and my favourite Mediawatch which is a look at what the media got up to over the past week. They once profiled how a newspaper covered a story which involved a group I was a member of.
  • Media 7 – Produced by the relatively new TVNZ documentary Channel 7, this is an interesting video podcast of weekly events in New Zealand and/or World media and related background topics where panels of experts are interviewed.
  • For Kids (and kids at heart :):

  • Sesame Street – Normally each week a segment is released revolving around a chosen word presented by the Sesame Street gang and a relatively well-known personality/celebrity.
  • Storynory – a british website presenting traditional folktales and fairytales in podcast form. Some, due to their length, are split over multiple podcasts. Pleasant voice to listen to with no overwhelming sound effects.
  • Storytime – a Radio New Zealand production. I haven’t listened to too many of these but they tend to be more contemporary stories with a Kiwi flavour than the kind Storynory produce. I have fond memories of listening to Storytime on a weekend morning especially Bad Jelly the Witch. The RSS feed has been removed for this programme but there is still a list of downloadable stories available on the website here.
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