Just two items for today

Not a lot tonight because I’m tired, have other work to do, and still unsure about presenting the following two items alongside a bunch of home education stuff.

  • Why not change your desktop background for the month to one of these lovely background images featured on Smashing Magazine. They all feature a calendar of March 2009 but most are available without the calendar if you so wish. I grabbed the one entitled “Japanese Girl’s Day” as I like the japanese style and I’m a sucker for all things Origami :)
  • Quite a while ago now, I transitioned from two 17″ LCDs to one 19″ widescreen LCD and, now the novelty has worn off, I’m getting frustrated at constantly resizing applications to do work between them, to the point where I’m reverting to switching between virtual desktops, or good ole Alt-Tab, which seems like a waste of real estate. Just two days ago, I told my husband I was thinking about going back to the old LCD setup as it’s having a negative impact on my productivity. Well, just today my rss feed came to my rescue with this gem, MaxTo, which I can testify works alongside VirtuaWin. I should probably have prefaced this blurb with I’m currently running WinXP 32-bit having just “downgraded” from WinXP 64-bit, where I got tediated at the wrangling involved in getting my semi-supported printer printing. (via Daily Cup of Tech).
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