Podcasts I listen to

A while ago I did a blogpost about the podcasts I listen to and I thought it was about time that I did an update.
Also, in another blogpost I mentioned that I was looking for a better client for downloading podcasts – I can now say I have found an application that I’m really happy with – gPodder.

So, onto the update.
First the ones I no longer listen to.

  • FLOSS Weekly – though I loved listening to this and the vast majority of them were informative, I had to admit that I felt that the majority of the episodes weren’t really suited to my needs. Still highly recommend it though :)
  • Sesame Street – the episodes appeared to be cycling through so once we’d established that we’d watched all the episodes we gave it the ole heave ho.
  • Media 7 – I’m watching this on TV now so technically no longer a podcast :)
  • Grammar Girl – I’ve signed up to the email newsletter and follow her on twitter instead
  • Last time I didn’t break down all the Radio NZ podcasts I listen to so I thought I would this time (with the rss feed links)

  • Mediawatch
  • Insight
  • Ideas
  • Nights
  • Nine to Noon
  • Our Changing World
  • Spectrum
  • Saturday
  • Podcast Classics
  • I also didn’t break down the BBC podcasts I listen to so thought I’d do the same to them

  • Friday Night Comedy
  • From Our Own Correspondents
  • Science in Action
  • Documentaries
  • Material
  • Dr Karl & the Naked Scientist
  • Discovery
  • Natural History
  • Also for some reason I didn’t mention TWiT or This Week in Tech which is quite a long podcast but is in an informal discussion panel format so it’s quite an entertaining podcast. I should also mention this is broadcast live and has a chatroom for people listening live and is also available as a video download.

    This was quite a good exercise as I discovered a few more podcasts to try out.

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