101 in 1001 Update

It’s time I had a rethink about my 101 in 1001 list. It’s due to end in just over a year and I’m not confident that I a) could complete all the tasks on it and b) that I want to complete all of them.
That being said, I do have an update to make regarding the existing list.

These ones I have completed:
20. get a good haircut
I did this not long after my birthday last year. I even kept it up for several months beforethe holidays got in the road and I fell off the wagon so to speak.
23. get full license and become an organ donor
Well, I was hoping to get on top of this before I had to but I ended up partly procrastinating and partly on advice from friends and even the police, I sat my full license real close to the expiry of my restricted license. I really don’t know why I wasn’t already an organ donor but I sorted that out at the same time. I would be appreciative if the powers that be made the choice to be an organ donor an opt out option.
26. go camping
I did this on my own in April last year for 3 nights and as a family for almost a week in October/November. The first time was great except for the bitterly cold nights and the second time was great also as we were camped right next to the bush and had moreporks, kereru and even long-tailed cuckoo swooping around.
32. go on holiday somewhere i’ve never been before
We went on holiday to the East Cape twice and it was good to get to explore a new area. I would have liked to drive all the way to Gisborne but it made more sense to travel around the immediate area. We did get to spend a few days hanging out on the beaches, drove around the area, climbed up to the top of the East Cape lighthouse, did a bit of fishing, did some bush walks and got a bit sunburnt – Ouch!
40. go to an orchestra concert
I went along with Sam to two orchestral performances geared at children last year. The first one we went to we sat right up next to the stage and poor Sam couldn’t see over the edge of the stage unless she was sitting on my lap. It was a lot of fun anyway and it definitely made an impression. The second one we went to, we were seated up in the gallery (I’m sure I have the correct terminology wrong) and had a wonderful view of the stage albeit much, much further away. This time they identified all the instruments in their orchestra and some of the musicians came up to where we were seated to play up close to us. The second concert involved a lot more audience participation and I think Sam liked that part of it more.
43. go to a trivia quiz night
Well, I didn’t go to a trivia quiz night how I planned, but my local plunket committee which I’m a member of put one on so I did technically go to one. We held it in June last year right in the midst of the swine flu scare and it was a bitterly cold night – despite all the heaters going at the venue my feet were frigid. Nevertheless it was a fun night and I really wanted to join in on a team – instead I did the scores for the night. :)
50. knit something
I finally finished my first knitting project since I was a child in April. I made a pair of chunky legwarmers and if I ever do that again I will a) follow the directions on needle size and ignore salespeople and b) make them longer to fit my long calves (who knew!). I love them though – they’re sooo snuggly and mean I can wear a skirt and not get cold. They’re definitely not wearable outside – our friendly courier driver laughed at my getup when I answered the door wearing them once. :D
83. save spare change by putting in money box
I was doing great at this until the Palmerston North City Council put all their parking fines up and I couldn’t justify not paying for parking and accepting the occasional fine instead anymore. Now all my spare coin is carted around for the parking meters, buskers and charity appeals. :)
95. visit the auckland or wellington zoo
We went to the Auckland Zoo and a grand ole time in November – I remember it as a child as being much bigger with many more different kinds of animals and the dogearred catalogue I have from one of those childhood visits testifies to the variety of animals. However, times have changed and so have zoos, and I can see that with the space available to the zoo it makes more sense to provide an appropriate environment to the animals they do have. My daughter got to feed the giraffes which was a lot of fun and my husband got a great photo of one of the lions roaring (actually – it was yawning but you can’t tell the difference) :D

These ones I have attempted:
6. buy/create and maintain a bonsai
I purchased a NZ native bonsai last year at some point and it died while we were away on holiday. I’d be keen to try this task again!
21. get cpr certificate
Our local plunket committee ran a workshop on baby and child cpr that I attended which was useful. However, I don’t recall much of the specifics regarding puffs and chest compressions so I’d still like to get this properly embedded in my brain.
65. memorise origami designs
I received an Origami-A-Day calendar for 2009 and my sister gifted me one belated for 2010 also, so I have no excuses for attempting new designs. I’m up to June of the 2009 one and I haven’t even touched the 2010 one yet (sorry sis) so I’d like to change this task to practising designs and also identify and which designs I want to have memorised and then do that.
79. read 30 non-fiction books
I don’t know how many non-fiction books I have read since this 101 in 1001 started but it can’t be many. I’ve been having great difficulty sitting down and reading actual books since I lost my booklight to my husband and started reading ebooks on my phone instead. As a result I have read waaaay too much pulp fiction (mainly historical romances – ergh) and few brain-inspiring books. :( However, I now have a list of the non-fiction books I want to read and am on the lookout for a replacement booklight.

These ones I have little to no interest in and don’t know what I was thinking when I chose them:
37. go to an amusement park
45. have a professional massage
47. hold a games night
56. learn to juggle

These items need to have tasks:
97. replace this with a task at day 101
98. replace this with a task at day 334
99. replace this with a task at day 334

And the rest of the tasks – well, most of them need some form of tweaking; mainly rewording/clarifying so I am able to work out whether I have accomplished them or not. A couple, as they are written, are no longer relevant.

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