101 in 1001

Without further ado (considering this is already 5 days late :P) I present my third and final attempt at …

101 in 1001

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).
Started: 16 Sep 2010
Finish: 13 Jun 2013
Days Left:
Completed: 0/101

1. attend a lecture or seminar
2. be confident doing medium difficulty digital image manipulation
3. be confident using my digital slr
4. be confident using our telescopes
5. be familiar with the location of the countries of the world
6. become fluent in a new programming language
7. buy a bike
8. buy a longterm item of furniture
9. buy/create and maintain a bonsai
10. create a painting and hang it up
11. create a recipe binder and/or book
12. decorate a cake that I can be proud of
13. enjoy a sunrise
14. enter a photography contest
15. entice birds to our garden
16. expand my recipe repertoire
17. fill a journal
18. fill a sketchbook
19. finish cross-stitch and frame it
20. fly a kite
21. gather together a complete emergency kit
22. get a stable vegetable garden going
23. get cpr certificate
24. get to grips with my family history
25. get first aid certificate
26. give geocaching a go
27. give meditation a proper chance
28. go antiquing (I know! I’m sounding old!!)
29. go camping
30. go hiking
31. go horse riding
32. go indoor rock climbing
33. go kayaking
34. go on a bike ride
35. go on holiday somewhere i’ve never been before
36. go on the train
37. go to a driving range
38. go to a play
39. go to an anzac dawn service
40. go to an art gallery
41. go to an orchestra concert
42. go to something on opening or release day
43. go to the beach and build a sandcastle
44. go to a quiz night
45. grow some mushrooms
46. have a traditional picnic under a tree
47. identify a bad habit and work to eliminate it
48. join a new face-to-face social group
49. knit something
50. learn how to draw
51. learn needlepoint
52. learn to bake specialty breads from scratch
53. learn to identify native trees and plants
54. learn to crochet
55. learn to play chess
56. learn to recognise the southern constellations
57. learn to sightread music
58. learn to weave flax
59. make a bag
60. make a habit of getting a haircut
61. make a scrapbook
62. make a snowman
63. make clothes for myself
64. make clothes for my daughter
65. make greeting cards
66. make regular exercise a habit
67. memorise a poem
68. memorise origami designs
69. participate in a book club
70. participate in a crafting challenge
71. participate in a mailed swap
72. participate in nablopomo
73. participate in postcrossing
74. participate in a sh1ft project
75. participate in the 365 project
76. purchase some art work
77. read non-fiction books
78. record daily gratitudes
79. relearn calligraphy
80. research and grow a herb
81. send handwritten letters to people
82. solve the rubic’s cube
83. sort my photos into albums
84. spend a day at a botanic gardens
85. spend a day going to garage sales
86. take a walk in the rain
87. take up an additional charitable work
88. take up archery
89. try out podcasting
90. try out vblogging
91. visit an observatory
92. visit the wellington zoo
93. watch movies from list
94. work up to blogging regularly
95. replace this with a task at day 101 (26/12/2010)
96. replace this with a task at day 101 (26/12/2010)
97. replace this with a task at day 334 (16/08/2011)
98. replace this with a task at day 334 (16/08/2011)
99. replace this with a task at day 500 (29/01/2012)
100. replace this with a task at day 668 (15/07/2012)
101. replace this with a task at day 668 (15/07/2012)

Each week I will do an update and expand on one task at a time so that each task becomes achievable through a measurable goal. This has not been done in advance due to some of the tasks having a reasonable amount of complexity. Other peoples lists I have observed often have a higher proportion of items which are to have a reasonable amount of money spent to achieve them and I have tried to minimise this without compromising the idea behind the list – hence the greater complexity of some of the tasks.
I guess that makes this task a bonus task :)

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