Weekly Summary & Progress

Well the week was pretty up and down and we ended up being out and about for the majority of 4 days out of the week. On top of that, 2 of the days we were home were pretty hard going.
As a result, I’m not unhappy with my progress for the week. So here are the final graphs:

  • 20 Items up on Sella : Only got 1 item ready for photos and then photos taken. *sigh* I do love to procrastinate apparently.
    [progpress title=”” goal=”20″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”items”]
  • Listen to 10 Podcasts each day: No excuses here – don’t know what I was thinking, though I admit to watching quite a lot of TV shows this past week.
    [progpress title=”” goal=”70″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”podcasts”]
  • Complete 5 items of mending: Completed 1 item and realised I need to prep the mending before sitting down to do it. Totally failed at mending an item I didn’t count – looks dreadful!
    [progpress title=”” goal=”5″ current=”1″ previous=”0″ label=”items”]
  • Finish Playful Parenting book: Didn’t pick this book up this week.
    [progpress title=”” goal=”295″ current=”58″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • Finish The 4-Hour Work Week book: Not too bad considering this was only two short sessions worth.
    [progpress title=”” goal=”292″ current=”148″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • Cook a meal each day: 5 days out of 7 is great considering we were out 4 of 7 days (though I did cheat and count the night all I did was the oven part of pizzas my husband prepped!). On the Yay! front, I finally made sushi with the new plastic gadget we got from the $3 Japan Shop in Auckland and I think it is a slightly faster and much tidier way of making sushi. Yum!
    [progpress title=”” goal=”7″ current=”5″ previous=”0″ label=”days”]
  • Blogpost every day: Not impressed with myself over this particular one and I have some ideas on how to improve this particular stat.
    [progpress title=”” goal=”7″ current=”1″ previous=”0″ label=”days”]
  • Work on planner: Turned out to be only 15 pages and knocked them out in 2 short sessions. Yay!
    [progpress title=”” goal=”15″ current=”15″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • So the downside with using ProgressFly for this purpose is that either I lose the stats each week and reuse the progress meters, or I could create new meters each week (often for repeating goals) which seems a bit wasteful (to me anyhow). I also am a bit uncomfortable with the fact the meters show the same amounts on each blogpost. However, what I could do is update the posts and make them static amounts.
    The alternative I can see is a different wordpress plugin called Tally Graph which I’ll trial this week (eventually I’ll settle into a routine I’m comfortable with). This uses custom fields to record data and then generate graphs. The upside is that updating can be done via a blogpost, and the downside is the updating has to be done via a blogpost. :D By that I mean tracking daily progress and starting and ending points would be straightforward, but that this relies on me posting updates daily. I’m also interested (seeing as I haven’t used custom fields in quite a long time) in seeing how the custom fields appear on each blogpost and so I have had a play on this post.

    Finally, the public goals for this week are (and will seem familiar):

  • 20 Items up on Sella
  • Listen to an average of 10 Podcasts each day – goal being 70
  • Complete 5 items of mending
  • Finish Playful Parenting book – currently 58/295 pages
  • Finish The 4-Hour Work Week book – currently 148/292 pages
  • Cook dinner each day – except Monday which was a delicious roast put on by husband
  • Blogpost every day
  • Work on planner – another 15 pages to complete another month of the planner
  • So there we go – a day late, a dollar short but finally written! :)

    Edit 2011-03-22: Moved onto a different progress bar plugin called ProgPress which is more static and so, overcomes the problems/concerns I had above.

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