Sometimes It’s The Small Things

I was going through my RSS feed tonight looking for inspiration for a post and I realised there were a lot of small tips I’d tagged to read up on. A lot are from Lifehacker which is a brilliant site (and which I’ve probably gushed about before)

  • This first idea is to use 3 ring binders and Zip sealable binder pockets (via Lifehacker) to store small items (in this case; capacitors, resistors and other electronic components) – something so simple and yet I’d never considered using anything but paper and clearfile pockets in a binder! This reminds me that fishing stores (and places that sell knock-off fishing supplies) sell wallets (often with custom space binder rings) with sealable pockets for storing tackle in – so if you’re not interested in making your own binder, or can’t find zip sealable binder pockets (or if they’re horrendously expensive) maybe this is another option to explore.
  • Here is a use for the humble office binder clip – as a way to stack bottles in your fridge – many a time I have cursed my inability to stack bottles in a pyramid as the bottom layer rolls out from underneath the top layer(s) – and now I shall curse no more (well, about this situation anyhow).
  • And finally, here is a cheaper alternative to the Jiffy Peat Pellets I’ve mentioned in an earlier post – the Toilet Roll Seed Starter! (via Parent Hacks)
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