Weekly Summary & Progress

The original name for this post was Weekly Summary & Progress. Right now I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about sharing anything that’s happened over the past week but we’ll see for the future. To be honest, I’m not really sure how this post is going to pan out long term so bear with me please. :)
The hope is that by making some of my goals from my Weekly Review public each week I may actually accomplish them! Gotta love procrastination *sigh*.

So these are my public goals for this week:

  • 20 Items up on Sella (local auction site – alternative to Trademe – you should check it out)
    [progpress title=”” goal=”20″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”items”]
  • Listen to 10 Podcasts each day
    [progpress title=”” goal=”70″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”podcasts”]
  • Complete 5 items of mending
    [progpress title=”” goal=”5″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”items”]
  • Finish Playful Parenting book
    [progpress title=”” goal=”295″ current=”58″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • Finish The 4-Hour Work Week book
    [progpress title=”” goal=”292″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • Cook a meal each day
    [progpress title=”” goal=”7″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”days”]
  • Blogpost every day
    [progpress title=”” goal=”7″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”days”]
  • Work on planner (complete 16 pages which equals a month of the planner).
    [progpress title=”” goal=”16″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”pages”]
  • I thought I’d try out a wordpress plugin called ProgressFly to track the progress and hopefully by the end of the week I will have 8 filled progress bars. Not exactly sure how I’ll update them, freeze them in place at the end of the week, reuse some of them, or even how to report back on them next Sunday but I’ll cross those bridges as I come to them.

    Here’s to a good week! :)

    Edit 2011-03-22: Moved onto a different progress bar plugin called ProgPress which is more static and so, overcomes the problems/concerns I had above.

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