Outtakes on Life

Not exactly sure how to explain the idea behind this post. I thought I’d publish a post monthly where I can blog about the small stuff that happens in my life and that is amusing. Some of this stuff is likely to have been posted on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Late one night my daughter comes running out to me … ‎”Mummy, I think there’s a monster in my room.” “Hmm, can’t be. We sprayed anti-monster spray in there remember?” “Oh. Perhaps it’s a ghost then …. Do you think Tigger (our cat) would scare it away?”

Our daughter calls headphones “Ear Mops” which always puts a smile on my face “Daddy, do you have Ear Mops on?”

One evening I suggested we needed a dog to clean up a frozen pea spillage in the kitchen (in the hope the person responsible would clean it up) – turns out our cat likes them defrosted – so I guess problem solved! :D

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