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101 in 1001 – February 2008 Update

Well I think we can successfully say that I’m not doing great at this but on the other hand with over 900 days to go I’m not doing as badly as I thought. I come across as being really negative in assessing the tasks below but I’m not that cut up about it – just […]

Daily Photo – Day 39

They’ve abandoned the plants they’ve stripped (except for the bits I isolated using plastic bags and twisty ties) and resorted to moving into chrysalis mode on the house. We’ve spotted two chrysalis’s and two caterpillars hanging around.

Wedding Goodies

This is a post that has been on the To Do List since 2003 – not long after we got married in fact. So here we are 5 years later and I’ve finally got around to taking some photos. Going sequentially through the wedding process is probably the best way to tackle this so firstly: […]

Daily Photo – Day 38

Late this afternoon/evening there was a partial solar eclipse. Sadly, all the photos which my husband took of the eclipse images on the white card came out too blurry to really publish. So this is a photo of me (or rather, my arms) using our makeshift eclipse viewer. Simply it’s a piece of cardboard with […]

Daily Photo – Day 37

My daughter was quite fascinated by this placement of Swiper and has put him back there a number of times.

Daily Photo – Day 35

My daughter and I make buns regular but this was the first time I tried a plait – and the first time my daughter helped with the forming of the dough (normally she nibbles at it). You can tell her handiwork as she added a small dollop of dough to the top of each bun […]

Daily Photo – Day 34

Methinks we have a few too many caterpillars – despite my efforts to cull eggs. Have monarch butterflies always laid one egg at a time?

Daily Photo – Day 33

Produce from our garden Friend’s daughter getting to cuddle a bunny at the petshop