101 in 1001

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Started: 01 Jan 2008
Finish: 28 Sep 2010
Days Left:
Completed: 1/101

  1. assemble a comprehensive family tree
  2. attend a concert
  3. bake something new each month 0/33
  4. be able to meditate for half an hour
  5. become more proficient at illustrator
  6. become more proficient at photoshop
  7. build a snowman
  8. buy a bike
  9. buy a photo printer
  10. buy and maintain an established bonsai
  11. buy some digital music
  12. collect and grow my own seeds
  13. create a painting and hang it up
  14. crochet an afghan
  15. do 26 things
  16. do the blog 365
  17. do embodiment
  18. do nanowrimo
  19. do project 365
  20. do the blogathon
  21. donate $5 to charity for every uncompleted task
  22. donate my time to a worthy cause at least once each year
  23. eat a deep-fried moro bar
  24. enjoy a sunrise
  25. fill a journal
  26. fill a sketchbook
  27. finish all incomplete sewing projects
  28. finish cross-stitch and frame it
  29. fly a kite
  30. frame favourite photos
  31. gather together a complete emergency kit
  32. get a good haircut
  33. get digital photos printed and framed or albumed
  34. get full license and become an organ donor
  35. get professional family portrait done
  36. go camping
  37. go hiking
  38. go horse riding
  39. go indoor rock climbing
  40. go kayaking
  41. go on a bike ride
  42. go on holiday somewhere i’ve never been before
  43. go on the train
  44. go to a driving range
  45. go to a lecture or seminar
  46. go to a play
  47. go to a pub trivia night
  48. go to a street fair or parade
  49. go to an amusement park
  50. go to an anzac dawn service
  51. go to an art gallery
  52. go to an orchestra concert
  53. go to something on opening or release day
  54. go to the beach and build a sandcastle
  55. grow some mushrooms
  56. have a card night
  57. have a professional massage
  58. have a traditional picnic under a tree
  59. hold a games night
  60. host a dinner party
  61. knit something
  62. learn a new programming language
  63. learn how to use a camera properly
  64. learn how to use a telescope properly
  65. learn to identify native trees and plants 0/33
  66. learn to juggle
  67. learn to play chess
  68. learn to recognise the southern constellations
  69. learn to sightread music
  70. learn to weave flax
  71. make a proper afternoon tea and eat it with friends
  72. make a scrapbook
  73. make weekly contact with family and friends 0/143
  74. memorise a poem
  75. memorise origami designs 0/33
  76. participate in a book club
  77. participate in a crafting challenge
  78. participate in postcrossing
  79. pay for the person behind me at a fast food drive-thru
  80. purchase some art work
  81. read 10 works of poetry 0/10
  82. read 100 books (romances and rereads not included) 0/100
  83. record sam’s daily activities 0/1001
  84. relearn calligraphy
  85. research and grow a herb a month 0/33
  86. research wines and do regular wine tastings
  87. save $2 as every task completed
  88. see 20 movies i wouldn’t normally have seen 0/20
  89. send a package to a friend i’ve been out of touch with
  90. send monthly handwritten letters 0/33
  91. solve the rubic’s cube
  92. sort my photos into albums
  93. spend a day at a botanical gardens
  94. spend a day going to garage sales
  95. spend time by myself in a café
  96. take a walk in the rain
  97. take care of all dental work
  98. take up archery
  99. visit an observatory
  100. visit the auckland or wellington zoo
  101. write 10 letters of thanks or praise 0/10

This is a duplicate list of the sidebar which I intend to update rather than this post (though knowing me a flight of whimsy at a later date will have this list being updated in synch with the sidebar. This post was really just created for the official website where I’ve submitted the website for a bit of community feel :).

There are a few on there that I had difficulty succinctly quantifying and have left them ambiguous for now with the intent of working out the details later.

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