Notes on Chore Chart

My Quivers Full has a write up on her family’s Chore Chart method which I want to make a few notes on for future reference/ideas.

  • In prominent place (on fridge) and easy to use (move from one side of the line to the other when complete)
  • Chores portrayed using photos of area/object at home and written title
  • Examples of chores: Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Clear table, Dishes to Kitchen, Dirty Clothes in Laundry, Pick Up Toys before Bed. (age appropriate)
  • Add chore each year child gets older
  • Optional Chores available for additional money earning (quality control in place) – otherwise set allowance
  • Balance between getting paid for helping around the house and working together as a family
  • Banked allowance into savings (by choice) is matched by parents

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