101 in 1001

So the following is the result of a recent brainstorm I had wanting to move forward with my 101 in 1001 list, with the result being a random 8 items I can move forward on. Coming up with a concrete identifier of what constitutes a WIN is really hard work and even now I’m not completely assured that I have done so.

5. be familiar with the location of the countries of the world
Work continent by continent
Find websites to help concrete information
Regularly doing quizzes
WIN = 80% accuracy in locating countries on a global rather than continental basis

11. create a recipe binder and/or book
Use my existing book as a starter
Regularly add recipes to existing book
WIN = Book filled with recipes I’m comfortable with, to the point I refer to it before other books.

19. finish cross-stitch and frame it
Regularly work on cross-stitch until complete
Purchase frame. Prep and frame cross-stitch.
WIN = Finished cross-stitch project hanging on wall

22. get a stable vegetable garden going
Harvest ripe vegetables and remove end of life plants
Empty beds covered in straw or sown with mustard seed.
Check out seed stash for possible winter growing options
WIN = regular planting and maintenance occuring for duration of 101 in 1001.

45. grow some mushrooms
Buy mushroom kit ($35 from Bunnings)
Setup and maintain.
WIN = Mushrooms grown

54. learn to crochet
Buy crochet hook (double check haven’t already)
Find directions on learning and a project I’d like to complete
Practise regularly until basic stitches are ingrained
Work on basic project
WIN = able to complete basic project

79. relearn calligraphy
Practise regularly
Work on calligraphy project regularly until complete
WIN = Calligraphy project complete

94. work up to blogging regularly
Start with writing drafts regularly
Move onto 1 blogpost per week and as successful adding 1 to the weekly goal, and subtracting 1 from the weekly goal each time I fail.
WIN = Steady at 4 blogposts a week for 3 months relatively sustained.

So the next step now that I’m happy with these goals is putting them into practise. Piece of cake! ;)

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