1st of March

So at the end of last year, for the first time ever, I wrote a list of goals for the coming year. I mentioned quite a few of them in this post.
I then worked out from those goals what I would attempt to achieve in the first quarter of the year (Jan-Mar) and then working from that what I would strive to achieve for the month of January. Amazingly for me, I followed through and at the beginning of February sat down and reviewed the quarterly and monthly goals and then wrote my list of goals for February. Now here is where it gets a bit creepy – today I sat down and did the same thing! I actually followed through with something three times in a row. And it was good. I did my weekly review at the same time, basing that off my monthly goals and other committments for the week and I feel so much calmer.

What I’ve found helps is for me to go off on a bit of a retreat. I pack up all my notes, planner, snacks and mp3 player and drive off to a secluded spot to do my weekly review and don’t come home until I’m done.

I took some photos on the way home – as you can see below it’s been raining today and so this was taken from a quick stop on the side of the road. I need to work on my “quick snapshot” techniques.

Field in Rain

Field in Rain

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