Weekly Summary & Progress

It certainly wasn’t my intention on writing this post at the end of the night. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy making raffle tickets for Marton Plunket and I am ashamed to admit that it took me the majority of 4 hours to simply add the serial numbers to the tickets and get them printed off. On the upside, I now know what is and isn’t possible and how to get it done – and also that it’s fiddly and a pain in the neck to do. So the 1000 tickets are printed and ready for cutting, perforating and collating tomorrow. Definitely will be doing them in batches so if I don’t get them all done tomorrow we’ll at least have some ready for the first day of selling on Wednesday whilst I feverishly get the rest ready to roll. This is more than likely to happen because we’re headed off to Wanganui tomorrow for a fieldtrip to a Honey Farm.

If you’d visited the site this past week, you may have noticed that there’s an updated NaBloPoMo image/link showing on the lefthand sidebar. Yup, I’ve suckered myself into thinking I can go from 3 blogposts a week (for one week) to 30 blogposts in a month. If nothing else, it’s certainly going to help getting my weekly blogpost goal happening. I feel guilty though, for doing these last minute blogposts when I’m trying to squeeze this extra thing into my day. Not that I don’t slack off.

So this Sunday was not only my usual day for doing Weekly Review, but also for doing a Monthly Review, and a Quarterly Review. And funnily enough, I haven’t got there yet. I’ve finished reviewing the three past reviews (if that makes sense) and now I need to organise the goals for the next Quarter, and from that the next Monthly goals, and from that the usual Weekly Goals.
Since I know I’ll have some downtime while we’re out and about to work on these I’m going to procrastinate this group of tasks tonight and do them tomorrow.

But before I go, let’s compare my goals I set for this past week with my accomplishments.

Let’s see:

  • NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: Home Education Exemption out the door!
    Well, this didn’t happen and although I’ve made some progress and I’m happy with what I have thus far, I’m 8 pages in and probably another 8 to go.
  • Home Education planning/prep under control – need to get this back into a routine.
    Did some work on this but not as much as I’d have liked once again.
  • Get 30 minutes sustained exercise only 1 time this week. 1 time only. I can do only 1 time. Right? RIGHT!
    A big nope on this one. I’m just not comfortable doing exercise in our lounge where the wii is and I can’t get it setup in my office as the connections are only really suitable for a standard TV (and a TV would be about the same as the proper adaptors I’d need which is brilliantly frustrating. Considering a different option til that situation gets resolved.
  • 3 more blogposts this week. It was a breeze this past week and I know I can do it again!
    Yes – with a grand total of 5 blogposts since the last Weekly Summary & Progress post I think we can safely say I have achieved this.
  • More items up for auction and an item given away to a good home.
    Yes – although I got the item to give away ready last week – it left today, and I finally got a bunch on stuff put up on an email list with fixed prices and half of that went out on the courier within an hour!
  • Weekly (Household) Tasks more than 50% of tasks complete – I managed it this week and those ones I procrastinate, they weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be – Funny that!
    Nope – Not completely sure how I fell so far behind but knowing we had visitors I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in til they arrived but I wasn’t fast enough.
  • Make progress on a website I’m working on.
    Didn’t even have a chance to cross my mind sadly.
  • Finish inventory of the Laundry – Really this just makes good sense. Cause you know it’s easier to move around in there when the cupboards don’t look like they’re having a good vomit.
    No and the Laundry looks like even more of a disaster zone right now – and I won’t go into any disgusting analogies this time!
  • So I was out/occupied for most of Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday but I’m not really sure how so little got done on those other days. I suspect a certain small computer game that needs to be eradicated from my computer again!
    Just realised I’m going out tomorrow night so I definitely think there’ll be raffle ticket production still happening on Wednesday!

    Alright, time for bed for me now :)

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