Tarot Bags

As I’m ever seeking the “perfect” planner, yesterday I came across this site that has free Tarot Templates – 5 of them in fact plus a plain lined page template. In 8½ x 11-inch page size which isn’t ideal for me but seems to be a relatively popular size for those in the DIY planner arena.

Speaking of DIY Planner – I was browsing their forums yesterday and came across a post about bags that interested me. Okay, so it was actually discussing Man-bags, but I figure with my love for compartments, pockets and closures, a bag styled for men is probably more me than the lovely leather bag I currently have that carts around all my stuff currently. Plus when I purchased it the store apparently forgot to tell me they’d thrown a black-hole in there as well.
So anyway, the post had me searching the web looking for the ultimate Me bag. Some of my issues are that I like to have a lot of stuff onhand and currently my planner doesn’t fit in my bag. However, big bags dwarf me as I have a small-boned figure. I think I need a tall rather than wide bag because of this. I also have small shoulders and shoulder straps don’t stay put most of the time even with the weight of my bag. This is especially so when I’m juggling a small child and assorted paraphenalia. I need my cellphone easily accessible and a place for my car keys which I can get to with ease. Currently, I either “lose” them in my bag pockets or in my own pockets and end up doing the frantic scrabble through the bag and/or slapping of my person looking for them next to the car – only to realise I’ve put them in the stroller cup holders!
I also want to be able to get into the inner compartment with once again – ease, yet still have that compartment protected from prying eyes and bad weather (thinking more wind than rain although they’re equally important.
So the results of the search are these.
Lewis N. Clark Bicentennial Travel Organizer – Whilst I like the tall shape, one fastener for the main flap and the promise of many, many pockets, the problem with this bag is that it is just too darn small for my needs. I liked the style so much that this lead me to a better match for me.

The Lewis N. Clark Bicentennial Travel Shoulder Bag – Still has a tall shape, the promise of many, many pockets, and a nice capacity. The problems for me with this bag is the two fastenings for the main flap, the lack of externally accessible pockets (despite the highly visible side bottle pockets which I’d be unlikely to use for that purpose), and the top handle being attached to the flap which if I picked up the bag when it was unlatched would gape unhandsomely.

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